Getting Started

Monitor and manage your data center from anywhere with the Cyxtera Command Center.

The Cyxtera Command Center is a powerful tool to view, monitor, and manage your data center remotely. All of your infrastructure, digital and colocation in one place. Head to to get started and sign in to your account with your existing credentials.


Watch the video below for a quick, seven minute introduction to Cyxtera Command Center or keep following the guide below.

Video Walkthrough

Navigating the app

The app’s nav bar on the left is always present. Hovering on the navigation reveals the names of each of the navigation items.


Overview is the home page of the app and includes Orders, Tickets, and Billing information.
Spaces is the new way to view your assets. This item expands to provide a selection of data centers and cages/racks within the data center. Selecting a data center navigates to the dashboard for that data center. Choosing a cage or rack allows the user to see racks and interconnections within that space.
Contacts is the place to manage your contacts, data center access authorizations, and visitor logs.
Digital Exchange navigates to the Cyxtera Digital Exchange.
Marketplace navigates to where providers within Cyxtera’s ecosystem can be found.

Account Overview Dashboard


The account overview page displays several widgets all containing account-level information. This is the place to find orders, remote hands tickets, support cases, and billing information. The widgets on this page include:

  • Cyxtera Data Centers where you have colocation
  • Cyxtera Digital Exchange Metros with active services
  • An overview widget highlighting Orders, Tickets, Change records, and Billing (Invoices, Payments, and Adjustments)
  • Power usage by data center (may include multiple cages, secure cabinets)
  • Shipments in storage
  • Reports

Data Center Dashboard

​​​​​​​Each Data Center Dashboard provides details about your environment and assets in that data center including:​​​​​​​

  • Overview

    • Grid of cages
    • Table of standalone secure cabinets.
    • Ecosystem Connect port utilization within each cage.
    • Power utilization over the past seven days or previous month.
    • Shipments expected inbound and outbound from the data center as well as items in storage.
    • Marketplace storefronts with services in the data center
  • Interconnection:

    • Providers: Marketplace storefronts with services in the data center
    • Cyxtera Network Panels: Displays network panels with connectivity to our Meet-me Room, including Ecosystem Connect.
    • Interconnections: Table of Cross Connects and other interconnection products within the data center.
  • Maintenance: Upcoming and in progress change reports as well as a list of past change records.

  • Shipments: Lists of inbound and outbound packages.

  • Tickets: Remote hands and support cases related to items within the data center.

  • Access: Badge access events and lists of scheduled and current visitors, in addition to a record of past visitors.


Viewing a Space

A Space is a cage within the data center. The Cyxtera Portal displays your assets in every cage in a more detailed and contextual way. Each cage gets its own page in your interface. Select Spaces from the Navbar and choose a cage or rack from the options under each data center. Cages are indicated by an icon of stacked squares. You can also click on the Cages where they are listed on the Data Center dashboard to view them.

This view is broken into three sections with tabs at the upper right:

  • Space & Power
  • Interconnection
  • Access
  • ​​​​​​​All Assets

The Space and Power view displays each rack within a cage (or a single rack if the rack is not located within a cage). Current power readings help you balance power usage across circuits for each rack. Circuits that reach above 80% of their capacity are shown in red to indicate they risk tripping the circuit breaker for that equipment. The “Total Utilization” bar at the top of the page shows the average usage for the past day compared to the your current committed electrical capacity (CEC).

The Interconnection view displays Ecosystem Connect Bundles within the Space. Each of the Ports on this page can be viewed on its own page where an alias can be set. This can help clearly indicate what the Z-side of the port is.

The Access tab allows you to see badge events, who has access to the space, and visitor logs for the area as well. You can also grant access to the space you are viewing right from this tab.

Finally, the All Assets page allows you to view all configuration items in the your space. This can help you find a simple list of all assets of a given type, e.g. all Cross Connects in a particular Billing Account Number (BAN).


What’s Next