Portal User Permissions

Portal Permissions apply to "Regular Users" of the portal while Customer Admins have full access to all portal functions listed below. Below is a guide for each available permission.

Any of the following permissions can be added to a Regular User to grant them elevated access to functions such as downloading billing information and granting data center access without giving them full control of the account.

  • Access Admin
  • Access Admin Temp
  • Ticket Admin
  • Order Admin
  • Billing Admin
  • Marketplace Admin
  • Digital Exchange Provisioner


Customer Admins Only

Only Customer Admins may create Contacts with Portal Access and modify the portal access for existing users.

CapabilityGranted By
View all ContactsAny Portal user
Create Contacts with Portal accessCustomer Admin only
Create Contacts without Portal accessAccess Admin
Access Admin Temp
Assign/modify Contact notificationsCustomer Admin only
Deactivate contacts with Portal accessCustomer Admin only
Deactivate contacts without a Portal accessAccess Auth Admin
Remove Portal accessCustomer Admin only
Modify own Contact InfoAny Portal user
Modify Contact Info for othersCustomer Admin only
View and modify own Support PINAny Portal user
Modify own Notification (responsibilities) settingsAny Portal user
Modify Notification (responsibilities) settings for othersCustomer Admin only
View Activity log for any contactCustomer Admin only
View my own Activity logAny Portal user
Create/update AliasesAny Portal user
Create/update own Cases and RequestsAny Portal user
Create/update cases and requests for othersTicket Admin
View own cases/RequestsAny Portal user
View All Cases/RequestsTicket Admin
View shipments where I am the contactAny Portal user
View all shipmentsAny Portal user
Create/update shipmentsTicket Admin
View OrdersOrder Admin
Billing Admin
View line item pricing on Order pageBilling Admin
Create/update OrdersOrder Admin
Physical Access
Grant/Revoke Permanent Data Center AccessAccess Auth Admin
Grant/Revoke Temporary Data Center AccessAccess Auth Admin
Access Auth Admin Temp
View all Access AuthorizationsAccess Admin
Access Admin Temp
Update Permanent access authorizationsAccess Admin
Update Temporary access authorizationsAccess Admin
Access Admin Temp
View all Visitor Log recordsAccess Admin
Access Admin Temp
View Badge EventsAccess Admin
Access Admin Temp
View Additional ReportsAccess Admin
Access Admin Temp
Create a Group Tour requestAny Portal user
View Invoices, payments, and adjustmentsBilling Admin
View recurring charges on All Assets viewBilling Admin
Order Admin
View Security ReportsAccess Admin
Access Admin Temp
View Maintenance ReportsAny Portal user
View Knowledge Base, including Compliance ReportsAny Portal user
Digital Exchange
Order new Digital Exchange products and servicesOrder Admin
Provision and configure existing Digital Exchange products and servicesDigital Exchange Provisioner