Compute with Enterprise Bare Metal

Quickly and seamlessly extend your existing colocation environment.

Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal (EBM) enables you to almost instantly add new dedicated colocation capacity to your data center estate. Whether you’re responding to a surge in demand, planning to expand to new markets, or need capacity for additional projects, EBM compute nodes are provisioned on-demand, removing the burden of capital expenditure, lengthy implementation cycles, and depreciating assets, and reducing workloads for your staff.

The Cyxtera Command Center makes it easy for you to implement the right compute nodes for your workload needs. You can choose servers from a variety of leading enterprise vendors, with varying number of cores, quantity of RAM, and type and number of storage drives.

Overview of available models here.

Using Command Center you can:


Compute nodes are quick to provision and are generally available within a few minutes of ordering.


Before you provision a new compute node, you’ll need the following:

  • A fully configured Exchange Port. For redundant connectivity you’ll need to utilize both fiber connections.
  • A Layer 2 Management VLAN within your data center space. This VLAN is extended to the compute nodes primary network and IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) interfaces. (Or you can use a separate VLAN for IPMI if you prefer.)
  • A private IP subnet with enough available IP addresses, including one for each server’s IPMI interface.

If you don’t have colocation or network equipment where you’re provisioning compute nodes, you can use IP Connect + Advanced Network Services to create an IPSec VPN connection instead.