Digital Exchange FAQs


  • What do I need to connect to my Exchange Port?
    • an SFP of appropriate speed for your ordered Exchange Port and 1310 nm fiber
  • I do not see uplink with Cyxtera when I suspect all my settings are accurate
    • Ensure polarity is correct on your fiber, try swapping TX and RX
    • Ensure device configuration is correct based on your selected settings in Cyxtera Portal.
    • Do you have a service such as IP Connect attached to your Exchange Port?

IP Connect + BGP

  • What are the settings Cyxtera uses for BGP Timers, Keep-Alive, and Hold Time?
    • Keep Alive is 30
    • Hold Time is 90

IP Connect with Additional Subnet

  • As one of the usable IP address is being used as the next-hop IP — that IP address can not be used by any other devices - is that correct?
    • Yes, that is correct.
  • Is a physical router required with the specific next-hop IP in between or will it be routed to Cyxtera routers from the same VLAN?
    • Yes, it will be routed to the customer's layer 3 device. So it is expected that a router will be the next hop in a customer environment.
  • For any devices in the newly created subnet, what will be the default gateway? — Next Hop IP or Default GW of IP Connect?
    • If additional IPs are configured as NATs on the next-hop device then there is no need to set a gateway. But if it is a typical setup. The gateway for the new network will be an interface of the customer router