Digital Exchange FAQs


  • What do I need to connect to my Exchange Port?
    • an SFP of appropriate speed for your ordered Exchange Port and 1310 nm fiber
  • I do not see uplink with Cyxtera when I suspect all my settings are accurate
    • Ensure polarity is correct on your fiber, try swapping TX and RX
    • Ensure device configuration is correct based on your selected settings in Cyxtera Portal.
    • Do you have a service such as IP Connect attached to your Exchange Port?

IP Connect + BGP

  • What are the settings Cyxtera uses for BGP Timers, Keep-Alive, and Hold Time?
    • Keep Alive is 30
    • Hold Time is 90
  • What ASN should I use as my BGP neighbor?
    • Your BGP peer ASN will be 12213.
  • What IP Addresses will be used for BGP peering between my routers and the Cyxtera fabric?
    • Once you’ve completed ordering IP Connect + BGP and we have verified assignment of the prefixes you wish to advertise we will assign a /30 public CIDR block from Cyxtera’s pool of addresses to support BGP peering between the Cyxtera PE and Customer CE endpoints. The four addresses allocated are intended to be used as two pairs of /31 address spaces for peering between the two sets of routers.
    • As an example, assume we reserve for the two sets of routers.
    • would be used for Router pair 1
    • would be used for Router pair 2
    • Cyxtera Router 1 would be assigned and peer with Customer Router 1
    • Customer Router 1 would be assigned and peer with Cyxtera Router 1
    • Cyxtera Router 2 would be assigned and peer with Customer Router 2
    • Customer Router 2 would be assigned and peer with Cyxtera Router 2
  • Does Cyxtera support Discard Interfaces/Blackhole Communities?
    • Cyxtera provides DDoS mitigation by routing traffic to a black hole using Remote Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) filtering at the upstream provider. For BGP customers, we are setup to allow customers to send us BGP communities to initiate RTBH on prefixes up to a /32 when community 12213:666 is attached to the route advertisement.

IP Connect with Additional Subnet

  • As one of the usable IP address is being used as the next-hop IP — that IP address can not be used by any other devices - is that correct?
    • Yes, that is correct.
  • Is a physical router required with the specific next-hop IP in between or will it be routed to Cyxtera routers from the same VLAN?
    • Yes, it will be routed to the customer's layer 3 device. So it is expected that a router will be the next hop in a customer environment.
  • For any devices in the newly created subnet, what will be the default gateway? — Next Hop IP or Default GW of IP Connect?
    • If additional IPs are configured as NATs on the next-hop device then there is no need to set a gateway. But if it is a typical setup. The gateway for the new network will be an interface of the customer router