View and Manage Shipments

How to view the status and update any inbound and outbound shipment requests you’ve made

Shipment requests enable us to manage inbound and outbound shipments to the data center on your behalf. After submitting a shipment request, you can view the status and update the request with relevant information.

You can also create a related Remote Hands ticket, e.g. to ask us to get your package ready to send, or get an inbound shipment to your data center space. This significantly increases the activities you can perform in your data center space without needing to be physically present.


To find out how to raise an inbound or outbound shipping request, please read the Create a Shipment Request article.

Finding Shipment tickets

All the shipments for your data center can be accessed in a single location, accessed from the data center dashboard.

  1. Choose the appropriate location on the Overview page.

  1. Select the Shipments tab.

screen showing a table of package records

  1. Then click on the line item to go to the shipment detail page.

You can also get to shipments in these ways:

  • Expected and received shipments are shown on the metro dashboard

  • Shipments with overdue actions are listed in the Shipments Requiring Attention section.

  • Inbound shipments with recent activity will generate an Inbound Shipment notification email. Click on the link in the email to go straight to the request.

Updating or editing shipment requests

From the shipment page you can:

Add a Remote Hands request

  1. Click on the Create Remote Hands button.
  2. Complete the Create Ticket form to log a Remote Hands ticket. Make sure you choose the correct Work Type in section 3:
    • If you simply want to move your shipment to your environment, select Shipment-Related.
    • If you require hardware changes or installation, choose Hardware Install.
  3. The Remote Hands ticket number will replace the ‘No Tickets Created’ message.

Learn more about Creating a Remote Hands Ticket from a shipment.

Add or change tracking information

  1. For an inbound shipment that has yet to arrive at the data center, select the "Update Tracking Numbers" button.
  2. Add or correct the reference number.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Upload a related document

  1. Scroll to the Attachments box.
  2. Click Upload a File to add a file from your computer, or drag the file into the boxed area.
  3. Attachments will display above the upload box.

Message the Cyxtera team

  1. Type your message into the messaging box.
  2. Click the Send button.

What’s Next

Next, notify data centers of incoming or outgoing data centers via a shipment notification request.