Order Ecosystem Connect

Ecosystem Connect is a bundled cabling product that connects customer colocation space to the Cyxtera Meet Me Room. This enables customers to connect to the Digital Exchange via a Cyxtera Port, and enables physical Cross Connect-based interconnections.


To initiate an Ecosystem Connect order, either:

  • Select "Order" from the Create menu (indicated by a plus icon) in the navigation. Then, select "Order" within the Ecosystem Connect card, or;
  • In Infrastructure, locate the Rack the Ecosystem Connect should be installed in and, within the context menu indicated by an ellipse (…), choose "Order Ecosystem Connect". This method will automatically complete the first step of the ordering process.

Step 1: Location

If starting from the Orders page, begin by selecting the Rack the Ecosystem Connect should be installed in. Selecting the "All BANs" text in the heading will allow you to filter the selection to a specific BAN, if desired. Then, select a Pod, followed by the Space, and finally the Rack within the Space where the Ecosystem Connect should be installed. Note: The Billing Account Number (BAN) for the order is selected based on the Space and Rack selected.


Step 1

Step 2: Product & Panel

After choosing the location of the install, select the Ecosystem Connect product to be installed. This selection includes the medium (Fiber SM/MM, Copper, Coax, POTS) and number of ports (3–72).

Next, choose the installation type. If a network panel already exists in the rack, you may expand the existing panel with an additional module of ports. If no panel exists, "Install new panel" will be automatically selected and you will be prompted to enter the position and side of the rack in which the network panel should be installed.


Step 2

Step 3: Additional Details

In the final step, enter the requested install date and any additional comments. The order summary on the right side of the page will indicate the billing account number and price of the order. Select "Submit Order" to complete the order.

What’s Next

After Ecosystem Connect is installed, Cross Connects are available to order in the portal.