Digital Exchange on Command Center

The Centersquare Command Center gives teams a single pane of glass to provision, manage, and monitor a complete data center environment. In addition to account and colocation management, it also gives teams direct access to our ecosystem of on-demand infrastructure through the Digital Exchange. With this integration, Command Center helps teams bridge physical and digital environments within a single, unified interface.

Digital Exchange Capabilities

The Digital Exchange is Centersquare's intelligent SDN fabric. It enables you to seamlessly extend private, virtual connections from your environment to a rich ecosystem of digital infrastructure and partner services, as well as to other customers connected to the Centersquare network fabric in your metro region(s). Its capabilities include:

  • On-demand provisioning of Bare Metal servers, IP bandwidth, and partner services.
  • Direct integration of digital infrastructure and physical colocation over fully configurable VLANs.
  • Streamlined ordering and configuration of services and connections.
  • Global and metro-based views to manage digital deployments.
  • Visibility into service usage, including IP bandwidth monitoring.

In This Guide

This guide will walk through each product and service available on the Digital Exchange. It will also offer quick links to in-depth documentation for each, along with quick-start guides for easy implementation.

Digital Exchange on Centersquare Command Center

Digital Exchange Port

This port creates a redundant dual hand-off connection between your colocation environment and the Digital Exchange. This endpoint enables you to create secure, logical Layer 2 connections to all Digital Exchange network and data center services, including Enterprise Bare Metal, IP Connect, partner services, and other customers on the platform.

While not a Digital Exchange service itself, a Digital Exchange Port can be easily provisioned through the app in order to integrate digital services into your colocation environments.


Implementation guide: Activate an Exchange Port

IP Connect

IP Connect combines Centersquare's network-neutral environment with colocation and automated routing to provide a reliable, dedicated Internet connection for our customers. IP Connect is a blended bandwidth product offering a "best of" mix between several providers at speeds ranging from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps. Each IP Connect point of presence operates independently, connecting customers to a blend of at least two independent upstream providers.


Enterprise Bare Metal Compute Nodes

Centersquare’s Enterprise Bare Metal solutions enable your business to instantly provision enterprise class infrastructure to support applications and private clouds. Enterprise Bare Metal servers are custom or pre-configured servers, racked and cabled in Centersquare data centers waiting to be deployed by customers. Each server is a separate isolated unit, dedicated to only a single customer.

Designed to meet a broad range of workload needs, our menu of on-demand compute options currently includes HPE, Fujitsu, and NVIDIA Bare Metal servers. A select number of the HPE and Fujitsu servers are VMware and Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) node compliant. A variety of configurations with varying numbers of cores, quantities of RAM, and type and number of storage drives are available.



SmartCabs are on-demand, dedicated colocation cabinets. They are built by the Centersquare data center team and come ready-provisioned with power and a connection to the core network—and our ecosystem of technology providers.


Digital Cross Connects

Digital Cross Connects, provide connectivity between customers who have established access to the Centersquare platform either through a Digital Exchange Port or Compute Node service. The Digital Cross Connect can provide connectivity between customers located in a Centersquare data center, campus, or metropolitan area.

When customers choose Digital Cross Connects over traditional fiber Cross Connects, they get:

  • Rapid deployment of connections once both parties accept the connection.
  • Ability to make connections within the data center, campus and metro region.
  • Scalable, allowing customers to adapt to expanding business needs
  • Easy ordering via Cyxtera Portal or API.
  • Reduced latency versus traversing the public internet
  • Direct service integration, with the ability to stretch multiple VLANs across a single Digital Cross Connect.


Cloud and Metro-to-Metro Connections

Seamlessly connect to public clouds, deploy site-to-site connections between metros, and extend virtual networks to providers on the Digital Exchange.


Virtual Networks

Virtual networks give you an easy way to connect Digital Exchange Ports, Compute Node Groups, and IP Connect services together. For example, if you wanted to connect three Compute Node Groups to a Digital Exchange Port and IP Connect service, a virtual network is the easiest way to achieve that.