Order SmartCab

Instantly provision a dedicated colocation cabinet via Cyxtera Portal.

New SmartCabs can be ordered via the Digital Exchange for the site in which you want the cabinet to be located.

  1. Choose the correct Digital Exchange location in one of these ways:
  • From the portal overview page, by choosing an existing Digital Exchange location for your account.
  • In the navbar, by selecting Digital Exchange.
  1. Scroll down the Digital Exchange overview to the SmartCab section.
  2. Select the "Order SmartCab" button.
  1. On the Order SmartCab screen, you’ll need to:
  • Choose your preferred pod from the available options. This might be because you already have data center assets in a particular location, or want a location that simplifies shipping for example.
  • Choose the size of cabinet you want. The description includes the power and connection options available. Cabinet sizes are grayed out if there are none currently available.
  1. Once you’ve selected a cabinet, you’ll see it displayed under Order Summary.
  2. Check the details and click Submit Order.
  3. You can also download a PDF summary before you submit your order.

Check your order progress

Once you’ve placed the order, your SmartCab is immediately begins provisioning. You may initially see it displayed on the portal as Configuring, but it will become marked as Installed within a few minutes. The SmartCab is then ready for use.

You can access your SmartCab in the portal by selecting on it in your Digital Exchange overview page. Here you can change its name and description, and start to manage the ports, devices, and access rights needed to get it up and running.

What’s Next

Now that you've ordered SmartCab you can use the portal for powerful configuration and monitoring capabilities.