Order IP Connect Standard

Our popular IP Connect Standard service enables you to establish an internet connection to your infrastructure within minutes.

IP Connect is an internet connection available via the Digital Exchange fabric. You don’t need to sign up with an internet service provider separately. We offer a blended IP service, so there is redundancy if one of our service providers goes down. IP Connect supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Order IP Connect Standard

To set up an IP Connect Standard service, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Command Center.
  2. On the navbar on the left, select Infrastructure.
  3. Choose one of your locations, shown at the top of the screen.

  1. You now see the Digital Exchange services in your chosen location. Where it says IP Connect, you can see your existing IP Connect services. If you have ordered an IP connect service from your account rep, you’ll see it here, labelled as “reserved”. Select the reserved IP Connect to begin activation. In this guide, we’ll assume you have not already ordered a service and you are setting up a new IP Connect service through the Cyxtera portal.

  1. On the right, click Order IP Connect.
  2. On the Order IP Connect screen, select IP Connect Standard as the connection type. We have separate guides if you want to set up IP Connect + BGP or IP Connect + ANS.

  1. Complete the general information for this service:
    • Name: Enter a name that will help you to identify this connection.
    • VLAN: This must be a number from 1 to 4094 that is not already associated with a VLAN in your account. The VLAN number is used to identify your VLAN and route traffic through it.
    • Network Size: The network size is set using Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) blocks. /29 gives you 8 IP addresses. /24 gives you 256 IP addresses. Cyxtera uses the first three IP addresses in your block for your infrastructure. You will also be assigned an IPv6 address.
    • Commit rate: Choose the maximum bandwidth of this IP Connect instance, from 10 Mbps to 5Gbps. If you choose Fixed, the IP Connect service will be rate limited to your chosen bandwidth. If you choose Burstable, your traffic can burst up to 1Gbps for bandwidth tiers up to 500 Mbps; and can burst up to 10Gbps for higher tiers. Additional charges apply for traffic above your chosen tier.

  1. Choose which of your compute nodes or Exchange Ports you would like to bind this IP Connect service to. The form shows your ports and compute nodes that are available in this location. If you select a port or compute node in error, click it again to deselect it.

  1. Click Submit Order under your Order Summary on the right.

  1. You should see a confirmation that your order has been submitted successfully. It takes a few minutes for your IP Connect service to be provisioned. During this time, it shows as “Pending” when you visit this location in the Digital Exchange. When it’s ready, it is shown as “Installed”.