Configure Reverse DNS

Set up PTR records to support mail servers and more legible logging.

Reverse DNS (rDNS) is a DNS query that enables finding one or more associated domain names for an IP address using PTR DNS records. While PTR is generally a prerequisite for running an email server, it can also be helpful for logging, in order to associate an IP address with a meaningful identifier. With IP Connect, customers can easily add PTR records for any Cyxtera IPs associated with their service.

  1. Sign In to Command Center and navigate to the IP Connect instance you would like to configure PTR records for.
  2. Scroll down to the rDNS section and select the network you would like to add PTR records for.
  3. In the address field, input the individual IP address you would like to make the record for.
  4. In the "rDNS Domains" input, add one or more fully-qualified domain names.
  5. Select the add button to see the record added to the table and then save changes when you are ready to have the records deployed.