Rack and Circuit Power Graphs, Tickets filters, and more

In the latest release of Cyxtera Portal, you can now view power graphs of standalone racks, just as you can for cages, in addition to per-circuit power data breakdowns. We've also added the ability to filter tickets on your Account Overview and data center dashboard to find the exact remote hands or support case ticket you are looking for. Finally, we've sped up the loading of individual cages and now allow you to add attachments during the creation of a ticket.


Customized dashboards, new order filters, and improved power visibility

We’ve upgraded the Cyxtera portal with features that make it easier to use, including the ability to download power usage and filtered order information.


Easier account recovery and persistence of account selection

Selected BANs now persist across sessions and customer admins can better help users with account recovery.


Digital Exchange Updates: Early 2021

Cyxtera software engineering operates on a two week development sprint cycle, with a release at the end of each sprint. That means there is a near constant stream of updates and fixes which makes for a rapidly evolving platform. Here are a few of the highlights from the first half of 2021:


Order Summary PDFs now available

You can now download Order Summary PDFs when creating an order in Cyxtera Portal. These reports can be an easy way to quickly gather a quote or a simple report for your finance team for the cost of services offered through the portal.

Cyxtera Portal is now available

Today we are releasing an all-new portal for Cyxtera customers to navigate and mange their infrastructure. This is just the first release of our new platform for bringing our powerful data center automation closer to your fingertips. Learn more about Cyxtera Portal here.