Order or Disconnect Multiple Cross Connects More Easily

We’ve added new features to streamline the process if you need to order or disconnect several Cross Connects at the same time.

A Cross Connect links an available port in an Ecosystem Connect panel in the Meet Me Room to a port held by a service provider or other data center customer in the Meet Me Room. Previously, requesting the addition or removal of Cross Connects required a form to be completed for each one. The new form designs streamline the request process for you and help us to process all your related requests in a single batch.

Ordering Multiple Cross Connects

When you place an order for a new Cross Connect, you can now select multiple ports to request multiple connections on the same panel.

For each one, you upload a letter of authorization. If all the connections are with the same provider and the letters of authorization are in a single document, we encourage you to split it up so that each port has its own authorization document. This will help us to connect you more quickly.

Your order summary shows you the total cost. When you check out your order, your multiple Cross Connect requests are sent to us in a single batch.

Disconnecting Multiple Cross Connects

When you order a disconnect, you can use the new search bar to add additional Cross Connects that you would like to disconnect. All the affected Cross Connects must be on the same account and in the same pod.

For more information, see our guide on disconnecting interconnections.