Create Scheduled Reports & View Contact Audit Reports


We’ve launched three new features that make it easier to manage your security, audit contacts, and manage your Ecosystem Connect panels.

New Scheduled Reports

Your Overview page now includes scheduled reports. It provides a single location and interface for generating and downloading reports about contacts and access, power, interconnection, and changes and maintenance.

Reports cover:
Contacts and Access: Access authorizations, badge events, contact notifications, contacts, and visitor logs
Power: Power peaks and average
Interconnection: Cyxtera network panels and interconnections
Changes and Maintenance: Change records

You can schedule reports to be generated daily, weekly, or monthly. Contacts can be notified when a new report is available, and previous reports are stored for you.

See our guide to creating a scheduled report.


New Contact Audit Reports

There is an additional report for auditing changes to contact records. You create it on demand by logging in, going to Contacts, clicking Additional Reports, and selecting Contact Audit Report. The report shows changed permissions and contacts that are modified, removed, or reactivated. If you have any concerns about a report item, contact us with its number and we can provide more details about the change that was made.


Simplified View of Ecosystem Connect Panels

We’ve added a new Table view for Ecosystem Connect panels, so you can see immediately where you have spare ports. The Table gives you a one-line summary for each panel, including how many ports you have used and how many are available. Click through from the table for the detailed view of the panel, showing the ports and the services connected to them.