Some Data Centers or Spaces are not displayed on my account

If you are not seeing the full list of data centers on your account that you expect to see, first make sure you are signed in with the correct account. Some users have multiple accounts that can cause confusion when signing in. Also, if you have access to more than ten BAN accounts, you will be asked to select from that list when you sign in, after that point, your view will be filtered to assets within those accounts.

If you are still using our legacy portal, please make sure have chosen to view all accounts in the legacy portal. Although both portals can be used simultaneously, we can only display all accounts in the new portal if you have "All" selected in the old experience.


It is recommended you set this preference to "All"

If you plan on using the new portal, we encourage you to keep this preference set to "All" and in the future this preference will not be available in the legacy portal.