Digital Exchange Updates: Early 2021

Cyxtera software engineering operates on a two week development sprint cycle, with a release at the end of each sprint. That means there is a near constant stream of updates and fixes which makes for a rapidly evolving platform. Here are a few of the highlights from the first half of 2021:

  • We simplified the Digital Exchange Cross Connect feature to minimize the required back-and-forth between customers. It can now be completely automated if desired. In addition, the team added LOA tracking for IP Connect + BGP implementations.
  • We added the ability to change the VLAN for IP Connect instances. Previously, the instance had to be deleted and re-created to change the VLAN.
  • This release added Port Interface Metrics and VLAN Diagnostics to the Command Center for Cyxtera Ports. This makes it easier for customers to troubleshoot should they run in to issues configuring their Cyxtera Ports.
  • Customers can now download IP Connect bandwidth usage data in CSV format. This is intended to provide high level usage information for planning and troubleshooting. To further improve network fabric flexibility, this release added the ability to change VLANs for private networks and to change network types.